"You, me and them"

Digital print

“You, me and them” investigates the ongoing transformation of ideology between civilian, soldier and state. This photograph draws reference to the act of washing another’s feet which is representative of a cross-cultural attribute demonstrating humility, respect and service. In contrast to this act of gentleness and chivalry, the soldier also represents an opposing force of brutality and authority.

The correlation between civilian, soldier and state brings to the forefront the expectations and understandings that may or may not exist between them. These inter-relationships are not clearly defined and are often marred by underlying agendas and motivations. The photograph also alludes to a broader political strategy; one that relies not on isolated actions but on a larger mobilization by the state.

“You, me and them” was developed from “What have I done to you?”, 2011, where the artist, dressed as a soldier, washed and wiped the feet of people visiting the Pump House Gallery in Battersea Park, London.

- Davide Allison

Digital print on archival paper / Print dimension: L 28.75 X B 43 inches / Archival Paper: Epson Premium Semi Matt, 260 gsm / Printer: Epson Stylus Pro 11880